The Band

Eric Tomes  - Lead Vocals - Song Writer - Guitar


Music Inspirations: Myles Kennedy, Jarred Leto, William DuVall, Peter Klett, Peter Frampton, John Mayer, Jimmy Page, Scott Weiland, Kurt Cobain


"Music has kept me alive in every aspect of my life. It is simply something ingrained in me that I can not live without or escape. My deepest desire is to create legendary music. I love the pursuit of the creation and production of music. To me, it's all about chasing down the sound I want to hear and tweaking it to its perfection."

Bobby Braz - Lead Guitar - Song Writer


Music Inspirations: Rush, Animals as Leaders, Tool, Erra, Pink Floyd, Thrice, Deftones


"Music has always been with me, by my side, never letting go, no matter what the day shall bring. The best thing about being a musician is that one never has to force, push or pull, we let our souls do the speaking for us. Life is for the living, death is for the dead, let our lives be like music, and death notes unspoken. "

Justin Essink - Drums / Percussion


Music Inspirations: Travis Barker, Aaron Gillespie, Longineu W. Parsons III, Alex Rodriguez, Mike Marsh, Neil Peart, Don Brewer, John Mayer


"To me, music means breathing in a world where there is little clean air."

Los Garcia- Bass Guitar


Music Inspirations: Nirvana, Deftones, KISS, Tool, cKy, Breaking Benjamin, Parabelle, Pink Floyd, Metallica


" Music can change a mood, create a mood, and express feelings when words and thoughts fail."

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